Syntessa Blacktalon, The Traitor

A wicked tiefling magus, out to expand her own powers.


A soft pale skinned tiefling with red hair and emerald eyes. Many times can be seen with the hood of her cape over her head, hiding her horns from view. A magical scimitar at her side, wearing magical mithril armor.


A tiefling from Ice Razor, Syntessa grew up with a potential for both the arcane and the blade. Being taught to mix both styles into one, when she came of age she was given a trial to find the blade that would be one with her. She sampled many blades before finding the one that resonated best with her. It was a slightly tarnished scimitar which had designs inscribed in it for wind. With her new blade in hand, she was sent out into the world to learn to fend for herself. The one lesson on this she was taught by her family was to leave no witnesses if one were to commit something that may be perceived as unlawful.

Having split from the Horizon crew in her grand betrayal, she now possesses the shards and her current whereabouts and plans are unknown.

Syntessa Blacktalon, The Traitor

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