Legacy Weapons

The world of Krynn has a large number of weapons referred to as

‘Legacy.’ They are each powerful in their own right; however, they
share a common past.

In the year 1921 the world was threatened by a powerful

entity, Abraxus. Abraxus, an elder gold dragon
had long turned his back to hope and love, and found his
heart consumed with rage and avarice.

For years Abraxus had abandoned Krynn. His lusts drove

him to conquer the worlds of Bator and Gehenna. Destroying
the leaders of these worlds—he gained two of the most
powerful items in the multiverse: the staff of Asmodeus and
the rod of Orcus.

He returned to Krynn with a motivation to conquer. He

discovered the existence of the Spirit Oasis at the southern
pole. This oasis is a stable portal to the spirit wilds that
contain the heart and soul of the world itself.

The Southern Tribe were the guardians of the portal.

They were not a warring folk, and at first were being
slaughtered by Abraxus’ assaults. They send emissaries
to the devils of Ice Razor, and the Solamanic Knights.

Although different alignments, the three understood the

threat to the world and worked together—banishing his
soul to the Outer Darkness. His two treasures—the staff
and rod were taken as spoils.

Oracles, the world over, quickly learned that Abraxus’

immortal soul intended to come back to the world. With
the power of either item, he would be able to leap the bridge
across the impossible limbo of his prison.

Abraxus’ remaining legions again attacked Krynn searching

for powerful magic items, hoping to find the means to resurrect
their lord. They were repelled, but only by luck.

The items were given to a temple of monks near the city of

Bastion. Their purity masked the dark powers contained by
each item.

The Solamanic Knights traveled the world—both commissioning

powerful weapons/items, and teaching many how to make such
wonders. These items—the ‘Legacy Weapons’ are both wondrous,
and the greatest distraction ever created.

Legacy weapons are powerful, and potentially dangerous;

however, they prove an effective mechanism for masking the
two truly powerful items on Krynn: the rod, and the staff.

As long as neither the rod nor staff are used, the distribution of

Legacy Weapons across Krynn prevent discerning the true
location of the items needed to resurrect Abraxus…

Legacy Weapons

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