Horizon Adventures

In the Hive Mine

Year 2450.7

Scene 1: The team has just defeated a huge mechanical monster…

The team has collected the spoils of the fight. They have taken a large pile of the

heads of modified drow, portions of modified drider and part of the modified beholder.
Scavenging the bodies is eerie; although they are clearly dead—the mechanical parts
seem to still have lives of their own.

They also raid the remaining molten mithril seeping from the smelting furnace,

pouring the incandescent metal into a portable hole. The more avarice members of
the party both reload more ore into the furnace, and horde the raw ore itself.

On the ledge above, a small, mechanical form watches them. He is impressed at

offensive capabilities, but surprised at their foolishness. He doesn’t understand
why they don’t seem to understand the depth of mortal danger they are in.
He had tried to warn them before they entered the caverns. He had even assumed
the voice of the collective to do so…

‘You can judge the character of men by who their enemies are’—the individual

says to himself. They are greedier then he would like, but he needs help to
combat the activities of the Hive.

His mechanical brain is attuned to probe into the collective mind of the Hive without

danger. He has an overwhelming sense of dread as he registers a Hive call to arms.
Details of the capabilities of the intruders, visual recordings of the fight—captured
from those who died, and the specific location and medical status of the team are
issued out from the hive. The information flows in the waves of consciousness,
as if someone threw a rock into a pond.

As the ripples cross the surface of the consciousness, war equipped Hive members

are roused into action. Mostly drow and drider, the stupid creatures who invited
the Hive to Krynn. Also, dominated and modified Silvanesti elves, Ankeg, Banalith,
Draconains begin to stir.

He feels a sinking sensation in his consumption processor as he perceives a slight tremor

in the ground at the awakening of multiple Ruin Elementals and a host of true
Destron Hive members brought from Mechanus to Krynn to prepare for the invasion.
They all begin to close in on the location of the fight.

“Primus help me,” the small mechanical being says aloud. He drops his cloaking shield

and walks over to the edge of the scaffolding above the mithril ore pile. Using his real
voice he broadcasts a message to the individuals below, “You are in grave danger.”
He recalls the intruder alarm to the front of his consciousness and rebroadcasts it.
He sends a last message, “if you value your individuality you must follow me now.”

The team takes a moment to process the visual images that are broadcast to them.

Sumiko is the first to look up and notice the little machine man standing at the edge of
the scaffolding. He is motioning with his hand to come.

Moments later, a loud, mechanical roar is echos from the distance. Also, the crashing of

rolling stone closing in—as if an avalanche of destruction rushes forth.

Mook looks toward Atherion and shurgs. Atherion responds, “what have we got to lose?”

Drydar butts in: “Our lives, our lives are what we have to lose!” Drydar takes alight, flying toward the mechanical being. The rest of the team follows suit, both climbing the scaffolding
and flying.

The small mechanical being begins to run down the cave. After about 30 feet he gains enough speed to take off as he flaps his diminutive wings. Back in the distance a loud

crash can be heard as the scaffolding is ripped down.

The entire group moves at full speed for a few minutes. Right, left, left, right, right, left, etc:

they run down a convoluted path through winding tunnels. A the end of the last tunnel the
small mechanical form runs directly through what is apparently an illusionary wall.

The team follows through the wall and is confronted with a strange sight: the floor, walls, and ceiling are all made of mithral. The furniture is also made of some sort of metal.

Somewhat reminiscent of a mage’s lab, the room is dotted with odd curiosities; however,
instead of having books and potions—everything is mechanical in nature.

The team, panting, collects themselves and takes in the site. Before them stands a 2ft tall, somewhat humanoid mechanical creature. He shines brightly, seemingly build from copper and gold.

“I am modron 138,” the little form tells the team. "The walls in here are shielded, so

you can be at ease," he then tells them. He finishes with “I was assigned here by Primus himself. He tasked me to monitor the Hive—which you have apparently stepped into.
If you with to not be joined, you will have to assist me.”



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