Horizon Adventures

Something that was taken, must be given

Year 2450.11

Scene 1: In Shyvern’s lab, on the Horizon
    Cyana Shyvern sits at his desk. He rests in his chair rubbing the hair on his chin. Before him a pen scratches across a scroll of parchment. It lifts from the parchment surface, dips itself in a black ink well and resumes writing his musings. Gregory rests below the desk, contently purring.

    Above deck the roar of a retro-rocket and the smell of burnt hydrazine signal the Defiant’s return. Onboard, Iestor palms the controls to complete docking. Sumiko, Mook, Drydar, and Minozkui sit; strapped into their seats. As they dock, they collectively take a sign of relief. In general, they all trust their new shipwright and his abilities; however, the speed and acrobatics with which he pilots the Defiant still scares them.

    As the defiant docks, a series of loud alarms ring out across Shyverns lab. His quill scratches a long streak across the surface of the scroll as if it were the needle of a record player being kicked. Gregory starts out from under the desk, running away from the noise in the direction of the sub-basement of the lab.

    Shyven shouts ‘Silentium!’ and a hush falls across the lab. Under the effects of a silence spell he mouths “what fresh hell is this?” as he begins to fade away, and pyrefly point lights float up from where he was sitting toward the main deck. His ethereal form materializes before the returning crew-mates just as they step onto the deck.

    “Hello and welcome!” Shyvern exclaims cheerfully. “Is it done? Is the geas-holder dead?” Mook nods, and for a moment Sumiko can’t help but flash a sardonic smile at the memory of their recent activities. Drydar speaks up, “It is-and we got loot!” Shyvern looks at them and says “yes, we need to speak about that. Please come down to my lab before Ciz serves up dinner.”

Scene 2: In Shyvern’s lab, on the Horizon, later that day
    The team assembles in the lab, bringing their recovered items. They lay out their treasures taken from the Tower of Woe. There is a pile of wands and another of scrolls. The stolen technological maps lay unfurled. The evil items sit alone at the end of the table, including a whispering demon stone, angle tears, and a pair of ear-rings. They radiate the unlight of Nuitari himself.

    Shyvern looks over the items. Before he can speak, Drydar says “Whats going on? Is this some kind of tariff? You got what you wanted, that’s our stuff!” Shyvern rolls his eye. “No child, I care not to rob you of the value of your items; however, there is something in this horde that is dangerous.” Shyvern responds Drydar. He speaks up again “may I hold these for the night to investigate?” The group collectively nods, and heads out the door toward the direction of the galley.

Scene 3: The galley of the Horizon, breakfast time
    It is a lovely morning. The high altitude ensures the ambient temperature is cool. Golden light pours through the galley’s mica windows. All crew, finally, being regathered together has caused Ciz to execute a masterpiece brunch. Meats, Pastries, Eggs and many other dishes are laid out before the crew. As the team eats Shyvern speaks to the group.

    Shyvern stands and says “the earrings you retrieved have to be disposed of. They are a legacy artifact known as the Rhapsody of Pain.” He continues, “they were created long ago by Nuitari himself as a wedding present for one of his first brides. The power they contain is only able to be controlled by a woman of a strong will and a balanced heart.” Drydar frowns at the idea of giving them away.

    Shyvern stares at Drydar, scolding him “there are some items, the brass tea-pot, the monkey paw, the mirari, these earrings, that cannot be held by most mortals. The can drive people to do terrible things. We have to give these to someone who can handle their influence.”

Gurek speaks up “I know of such a woman…”



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