Horizon Adventures

All is not well...

Year 2450.4

Scene 1: On the Horizon

To save the crew from the blue dragon, Wocani cast a wild teleport spell to get as far away as possible from their location.
Geographically this is, almost, literally the case. The ship is now 12 time zones to the east, and 30 degrees longitude to the north.

After mourning the death of Zaga, life has returned to more or less ‘normal.’

  Two of the soul gem’s recovered from the caverns were ‘full.’ Breaking them open yielded two individuals: A cleric (Ron’s new
character), and a rather macho chef (of questionable non-human/elf/ogre/etc. heritage) taken from the tavern of a town (Ciz). Crasher, Dulgier, and
Ciz all decide; at least for the moment; to take up roles as crew.

  With them Being able to teleport, Crasher and Dulgier quickly become deft deck hands. Amut, in his new golem form, applies his
fishing skills daily bringing in many nice quality fishes. With his mechanical strength finds he is able to catch large enough
fish (huge Tuna, Swordfish, etc.) that a single fish is enough to feed the entire crew for over a day. The crew welcomes the
meat that breaks the typical vegan offerings that the ship can provide itself.

  Ciz takes over the galley, cooking very nice meals for the crew. Taking advantage of the ships ability to grow almost
any plant requested the galley’s become quite complex and delicious. Roasted, fried, baked fish, stews, etc., all perfectly seasoned.

  Amut, and Dulgier are of school age. The more educated of the crew members take daily turns instructing them. Shyvern seems
quite happy at the opportunity, and with the distraction he generally cranky mood to the crew improves.

  As nice as the couple weeks of down time have been, all is not well. Wocani has spent the most of the time in bed in his cabin. He has
tried to hide his condition from the crew; however, after the dragon’s damage to the ship he has had viscous flu like symptoms
that have gotten worse and worse. He can’t rest enough to cast spells, his breathing is becoming more and more labored.
His psychic connection to the Horizon literally killing him.

  [Living ships are particularly vulnerable to burning attacks. It cuts off their ability to circulate the xylem (nutrients)
and floem (water). Although appearing almost healed at first, the burn scar across the ship re-blackens and yellows as it starts to water log
and rot. The repaired mast begins to sag as the lack of vital fluids causes it to wilt and wither…]

Eventually Wocani speaks up and asks for help…

  Shyvern and Mook give up on their treatments, they call a crew meeting in the mess. Wocani attends, his eyes deeply
yellowed as if jaundiced. Shyvern speaks up “fellow crew, we have to do something to save our ship.” He continues “the standard
medical treatments are not working. Living ships are not typically continually exposed to salt-water, it is counter indicative for
the herbs and potions we have been using. He finishes his monologue: “we are going to have to go to shore for higher level spell
components; that will stall for a while. I seem to still be a pariah—none of my former Kanganesti contacts will respond to me…
We are going to need to hire a living shipwright if the Horizon is to survive.”

  Shyvern rolls out a map of the northern hemisphere of Ansalon. He points to a point off the coast of the south east area of the elven nation of
Silvanesti. “We are here,” he says. Continuing, “it would seem that we are closest to the state of Carinthia.” “Atherion, you
are Silvanesti, do you know what we can expect?” he asks.



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