Horizon Adventures

Escaping Renveshalhiarisv

Year 2450.2

Scene 1
Deck of the Horizon
  “Get on board you ninnys!” Shyvern yells to the team as they row up to Horizon. An enlarged Mook rows as quickly as possible, struggling against the sargasum (seaweed) clogging the water’s surface. The longboat contains the crew: Atherion, Drydar, Gurek, Jorlum, Mook, Sumiko. The longboat also contains the blinkling noble-swordsman Crasher, and his unconscious nephew, Dulgier. Zaga, the team’s beloved war mage is not present.
His life extinguished by Renveshalhiarisv—the blue dragon.

  The same dragon that was launching itself from a high cavern on the volcanic peak of the island the team just invaded. Renveshalhiarisv quickly gains altitude, then dives on the party. With a fly by tail-swipe the team is toppled into the water. On a second pass, with a deft grab of her large claw, Renveshalhiarisv grasps into the floating pile of the team and picks up Drydar and Sumiko. Like an eagle grabbing a fish she begins to climb back into the sky.

  “Damnit!” Shyvern curses. He drifts, moving quickly across the surface of the Horizon’s deck as if he were running. He makes it to the stairs and ascends to the ballista. He focuses for a moment, then smacks his hand upon a target painted onto the weapon while exclaiming “Verum Percute!” (True Strike).

  “Fire you idiot!” he shouts at the cross eyed tree spirit sitting at the ballista’s controls. Startled, the spirit pulls back on the launching mechanism and a large spear shoots into the air. At first the spear is flying the wrong direction, but then the spear grows a pair of magical wings and arcs back toward the dragon.

  The missile hits true, striking the dragon in the arm carrying the two team-mates. Howling in pain the dragon shots lightning across the bow of the Horizon—leaving a 25ft wide burn scar from port to starboard. All the spirits caught in the blast are eradicated and Wocani doubles over in pain. His spiritual bond to the Horizon causing him to feel its pain.

  Plummeting, Drydar unfurls his wings and catches Sumiko’s hands. They glide safely to the deck of the ship. A few moments later the remaining team-mates finish climbing up a rope ladder extended from the deck’s stern down to the sargasum raft. Crasher overshoots a teleport blink and lands with some force into the deck with his nephew over his shoulder.

  Another lightning blast shoots down from the dragon. A moment before impact, Shyvern makes quick motion and yells “Vis scutum!”—a wall of force appears above the ship, deflecting the blast. The wall prevents the hit; however, with the force of the lightning blast it was at its limit. The wall shatters and dissipates.

  “She can sling that blast faster than I can put barriers up. We are out classed, do something!” Shyvern yells down-deck, while preparing his next defensive spell. “Where is Zaga?” Wocani asks. Sumiko and Mook both lower their eyes to avoid his glance. Gurek speaks up, “he’s dead.” Wocani, saddened by his crew-mate’s death, turns quickly and sprints to the Horizon’s helm.

  As he moves, he leaves a trail of green mana. His personal power insufficient: as he reaches the helm, he taps into the Horizon’s internal mana store. Below deck, a quintet of power-stones begin to glow. Green mana energy traces out across the ship’s surfaces.

  He reaches the helm wheel and speaks the verbal component of a spell, “Per abstractionem a plantis, quantum fieri potest, ut hinc!” (Transport via Plants: as far away from here as possible!) He takes the wheel, and spins it wildly.

  On a fly by, Renveshalhiarisv takes a swipe at the Horizon. The large central mast is knocked over, it crashes across the port of the ship. Wocani again feels the pain. He barely maintains his and by sheer force of will he forces the spell resolve. In the instant afterwards he blacks out, falling into painless unconsciousness he wonders, “Where did I send us?”

  Above, Renveshalhiarisv sees a bright flash of green light, and her quarry disappears. Angered she inhales deeply, taking in the scent of those that harmed her. She banks, arcing back to the entrance of her lair…

Scene 2
Bay of Balifor, 1/4mi from shore of the north eastern coast of Silvanesti, a large sargassum raft floats on the calm waters of the bay…
  The calm of the waters is shattered by a pulse of green light: a vessel with a broken mast appears from the aether—scattering the frigate birds and gulls who had been hunting in the raft. The Horizon, safely teleported, far from the reach of Renveshalhiarisv, floats in the cool waters. The air has a crisp chill: it is fall in the northern hemisphere.

[Montage sequence of getting things back to normal ensues…]

  One night in the ship’s galley the team finally takes time to sort through the spoils taken from the island. Shyvern, often unconcerned with the petty treasures brought back to the ship, focuses in on the half-consumed soul gem. Lifting it, he commands “speak young one, you are with friends.”

As if trying to hide, the spirit of a small fisher boy appears in the corner…

Scene 3
Bay of Bailfor, just off the coast from the North Point Lighthouse:
  “Damn it, why did we come to Silvanesti?” Atherion curses. “Shut up warrior, we don’t care about your petty personal problems.” Shyvern scolds. The entire group stands inside Shyvern’s workspace/library. Wocani, Crasher, the now healed Dulgier, and the apparition of the little boy, Amut, also are present.

  Amut’s half drained soul gem sits on Shyvern’s desk. Sumiko, over the last couple weeks becoming friends with Shyvern uses his first name: “Cyana, what have you found out?”

  Shyvern responds “I have spoken to a great auntie. She tends to know about matters like this.” He cracks a dry smile at the vague humour in his last sentence. He continues “Amut, is well, stuck. His body is dead but there is not enough
remaining spiritual pressure for him to cross over. He won the 001 lottery—at the moment the only remaining place for him is the Outer Darkness.”

  “Can anything be done?” Mook asks. “Spirit pressure is formed by life experience.” Shyvern tells the group while looking in Mook’s direction. “I have made a spare ‘body’ for him, if he wants to use it,” Shyvern says; then turning to Amut’s ghostly
form, “well?” The little apparition, speaks up saying, “I guess I have nothing to lose.”

  Gregory, the gargoyle, pushes forward a dolly. On the dolly is a golem, roughly the size of a little boy. The golem’s body is made, mostly, from intertwined vines and wood. The golem is the same color as the Horizon’s hull. Woven into the vines are small,
worn power stones. They glow dimly with an internal power. Also scattered in the structure of the body are small adamantine mechanical components.

  Shyvern looks directly at Amut’s spirit and says “I have to warn you: this is a one way trip. Once your gem is installed you will be the golem.” Amut takes a quick look at Mook, feeling a little comforted at seeing another constructed body. Amut nods, and drifts near the golem body. Shyvern takes Amut’s soul gem and forces it into the main power stone in the golem’s chest. The two crystals merge and Amut’s ghost vanishes.

  The little golem awakens: Amut is instantly excited to again have a body. He springs from the dolly and
proceeds to dance in joy. The team is amused by his playful antics.

  Everyone’s spirits are lifted at the ‘birth’ of a new crew-mate, except for Wocani. He scowls, and in druidic says, “Shyvern, I find you morally reprehensible. I know what golem manual you used to make that thing.” Also in druidic, Shyvern responds “What? We are helping him, perhaps we can help us.”

  Storming out the door, Wocani says over his shoulder in common: “Old ghost, you are walking a very, very thin line.” He proceeds up to the deck, and then on to his cabin. His thoughts weight heavy on his mind…



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